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Picnic Treats

Need a plan for a fun day in the Sun? Try having a picnic in the park with a Friend, Significant Other, Family Member, Kids, Dog...

There was not one group of people who didn't ask to come and join our picnic. Due to current life events... we postponed sharing until 202?

One of my friends wanted to do a product shoot and I decided that a picnic would be a great vibe for a product shoot and also a great excuse to eat! I decided that cheese trays would be perfect and she happily brought the Rose. Rose, cheese, fruit and bread are the perfect combination.

As you'll continue to learn, food photography has become a passion of mine, but so has photography in general. The hat, the shoes, the bag, the food = product photoshoot first. Indulging in great flavors, smiles, laughs and great conversation came after lol!

" You bring your own weather to the picnic." - Harlan C.

I wanted nothing to do with crackers when I set up these trays. Growing up, my Dad would go and get us fresh cheese and French Baguettes from the huge marketplace in our city ( the Strip District). Brie, was his go to as far as cheese went. Imagine being a 5 year old and saying that your favorite cheese was Brie.... Thanks Dad for my love of Brie.

Brie Tray

For the Brie Tray, I had:

1. 1 sliced Peach

2. 8 Strawberries

3. A handful of Blueberries

4. A handful of Green Grapes

5. Half of a French Baguette sliced diagonally

6. A handful of Sea-Salted Almonds

7. 8/10 of a wheel of Brie ( I ate 2/10 while making this...judgement free zone right?)

Also, that awesome Parfait Cup was made by me and it was a Raspberry Pound-cake Parfait

( delicious)!!!

Jacqueline Leonne

There were two bottles:

  1. Jacqueline Leonne Brut - Rose

  2. Jacqueline Leonne Brut - Champagne

Cheese Tray

For the Cheese Tray, I had:

  1. 1 cup or so of cubed Pepper Jack Cheese

  2. 1 cup or so of Sharp Cheddar Cheese

  3. 1 cup or so of Gruyere Cheese

  4. 1 cup or so of Green Grapes

  5. 1 cup or so of Blueberries

  6. 3 Butter Croissants

  7. 8 Mozzarella stuffed Pepperoni ( save yourself some time and buy this from Aldi's)

  8. 8 Mozzarella stuffed Prosciutto ( save yourself some time and buy this from Aldi's)

Feel free to swap out the meat items with more nuts, fruits, veggies ( carrots, red peppers, jalapenos). The sky is the limit when it comes to trays!

Tag me in your next picnic pictures or let me know if you need suggestions for your trays :)

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