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Ice Cream Sandwiches

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Chocolate Chip Cookies meet Ice Cream.

Ice Cream Sandwiches start off with soft chewy cookies. For these ice cream sandwiches, I used our chocolate chip cookie recipe. Our recipe makes 24 cookies, but you may not want 12 ice cream sandwiches. Have some cookies to eat later and use the rest for sandwiches.

Why buy it when you can make it?

This is a great family time project, from making the cookies, to making the ice cream cookies. I can't wait to share this one with my nieces and nephews. I am the Aunt that says yes to sweets and then sends you back home to your parents :)

For the vanilla ice cream, I used one of my favorite brands. I suggest that you do the same. The easiest way to get the ice cream on the sandwich is to get a flat plate, a medium sized circular cookie cutter and place the ice cream in the cookie cutter and smooth out the top. After that, you can put the molded ice cream on the cookies. The finished ice cream cookie sandwiches can be rolled in sprinkles or chocolate chips and then wrapped in saran wrap and placed in the freezer for about 3 hours.

You can also just put a scoop of ice cream in between two cookies and mold it that way.


  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies ( our recipe makes 2 dozen cookies)

  2. Vanilla Ice Cream

  3. 1 cup of Sprinkles

  4. 1 cup of Chocolate Chips

What Do I Do?:

  1. When the cookies have cooled, scoop 1/3 cup of ice cream onto one cookie. Then top it off with the second cookie and firmly press the cookies together. Be careful not to break the cookies. You can use a butter knife to smooth out the ice cream .

  2. Roll the ice cream sandwich in chocolate chips or sprinkles.

  3. Wrap the sandwiches in saran wrap and freeze them for 3 hours.

  4. Take them out and enjoy!

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