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Detox Drink- Cucumber Lemonade

Last month, I did something awesome by losing over 10 pounds!!! I reached one goal of many and then plateaued. I took a moment to try and figure out why and one of the biggest reasons was...I stopped my routines. Between my golden milk (https://www.kccooksco.com/post/iced-golden-milk ), my detox waters, and a few other things... I stopped incorporating my health benefit routines into my day to day.

Needless to say, I am back! Let's have a quick talk about the benefits of cucumbers, lime, and lemon.

Cucumbers: contain antioxidants, aid in the decrease of inflammation, promote hydration, aid in flushing out toxins, promotes regularity

Lemon & Lime: aids your digestive system, lemon juice helps to detoxify your liver, aids in weight loss, great for your skin

"Routines keep us honest, goals keep us motivated."- A Genius

After I made this, someone brought up that I should add vodka or tequila to this. I think it'd be great!...... But doesn't that take away the detox factor? :)

Yield: 9 cups


  1. 2 cucumbers

  2. 2 lemons

  3. 1 lime

  4. 1/3 cup of honey

  5. 7 cups of cold water

  6. Mint for garnish

What Do I Do ?:

  1. Take 2 cucumbers and slice them into 8 pieces ( do not peel the cucumbers). Scoop out the seeds with a spoon and discard. Place one of the eight pieces of cucumber to the side.

  2. Cut the rest of the cucumbers into smaller pieces and place them in a blender. Blend until you have a puree.

  3. Take the pureed cucumber and pour it into a strainer over a cup. Push the puree down into the strainer and you will end up with about 2/3 cups or more of cucumber juice.

  4. Pour the cucumber juice into a large pitcher.

  5. Pour your cold water into the pitcher.

  6. Pour your honey into the pitcher and stir until the honey is no longer sitting at the bottom of your pitcher.

  7. Slice the 2 lemons in wheels and put them in your pitcher.

  8. Slice 1 lime in wheels and put them in your pitcher.

  9. Stir and place your lemonade in the fridge.

  10. After an hour or so, take your lemonade out.

  11. Pour into glasses, add ice, garnish with lemon, and mint for garnish.

  12. Enjoy !

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