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Birthdays- Kiara’s Sunflower Garden

Happy Birthday Ki💓

Kiara is one of my closest friends (my sister) and for her birthday, she wanted to have a picnic. We started with a rosé (pinks and blush colors) theme and graduated to sunflowers. Sunflowers and beautiful weather made for a stunning concept.

I love decorating just as much as I love food plating so designing the picnic was right up my alley.

“My darling, be like a sunflower, so that even on your darkest day, you can stand to find the light.”

The Table

The table was made of gently used pallets. They were covered with large table cloths.

Golden tin and mason jars served as the vases. The tin was originally white, but I decided to paint it gold so that it would accent the plateware and silverware.

The mason jar vases, each had two sunflowers in them and sat on 6 inch wooden slabs. Surrounding each vase was garland and long stem sunflowers.

Grass and white typically don’t mix lol. So there were blankets laid on the floor with some beautiful accent pillows! The pillows were comfy and brought more color to our landscape.

Each place setting had a dinner plate, dessert plate, and a champagne flute. I took tags and hand wrote, “ Happy Birthday Kiara” on small tags. The tags were used instead of napkin rings so that it was more personalize. A gold napkin ring would’ve looked nice, but this was so much cuter!!

Did I Cater?

Nope lol. I only made the charcuterie boards. This time, my focus was design and meeting the aesthetic goals of the birthday girl ☺️. We have plenty of opportunities to cook later.

The peach spin-wheel on the Brie was my favorite thing to look at on the board.


The entire picnic was perfect for photos. To tie everything together, I grabbed about 25 yards of Tulle and wrapped it around the trees in the background. I also took three rings, painted them with white paint, and superglued flowers and leaves to them. The flower rings hung on the trees with twine.

My Summer has turned into a time about appreciating the outdoors and the aesthetic that nature gives us. What a beautiful way to see my beautiful friend and celebrate her day in a relaxed setting.

Happy Birthday to Ki💛 I love you sis!

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